Is Your B2B Web Design Effective? Here’s How to Tell

Many elements go into an effective B2B website – UI/UX design, content strategy, copywriting, SEO, development, and hosting. It may be overwhelming going through a B2B website redesign, and you may ask yourself if the final product is effective when it’s done.

Here are five telltale signs that your new website is effective.

It generates traffic that increases over time

If your B2B website has visitor traffic that regularly increases over time, it’s a good sign that your inbound marketing and SEO strategy are working well. On the other hand, if you see your website traffic consistently diminishing year over year or month over month, it’s a sure sign that something is slipping, and it may be time for a website refresh or overhaul.

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Users are visiting multiple pages

If you are getting a ton of traffic, but visitors are going to one page and leaving, that’s a sign that something is off with your SEO strategy, content, or design/usability. However, if users are visiting multiple pages and spending time on your B2B website, that means they can find what they are looking for and that the content is engaging and valuable.

Users are downloading content and filling out forms

On average, a prospect will come to your B2B website five times before converting – meaning they are filling out a form or downloading content. So, if you regularly get form completions and content downloads, users find your website engaging and user-friendly enough to keep coming back for more.

It generates qualified sales leads

Not all leads are created equal. If your website has a good amount of conversions, but the leads aren’t a good fit, something with your website is amiss. It may be your SEO strategy or messaging, or both. Not every lead will be a good fit, but if they are few and far between, there is room for improvement. If you are getting qualified sales leads regularly, keep doing what you’re doing. This means your B2B website stars are aligned – the design, development, content, and SEO are all working to do their job – generate sales-qualified leads!

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Customers and colleagues compliment your website

This is a no-brainer, but if customers, prospective customers, partners, or colleagues compliment your website, that’s the perfect sign that your B2B website design is effective. This feedback is always helpful and allows you to ask follow-up questions – specifically, what they like about your website or find beneficial. On the flip side, if these same people provide negative feedback, listen carefully and ask follow-up questions. Negative feedback will give you a road map for future website improvements.

Bonus Tip. To assess your website’s effectiveness, you will need the right tools.

Below are our top 3 picks for doing just that:

  1. Google Analytics – This is a must-have for any website, and if you are responsible for the performance of your website, you should be looking at GA regularly. It’s not the most user-friendly analytics tool, but it’s free and extremely robust, allowing you to dive into understanding your B2B website traffic on a granular level.
  2. SEM Rush – This tool is a great way to track your ranking for specific keywords. It’s also helpful to see what keywords your competitors rank for and where you stand in comparison to them.
  3. Heat Maps – See where users click on your website and spend most of their time on a specific page. Heat maps deliver a valuable visual to understand how visitors interact with your website and if it aligns with your goals.
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