5 Tips on Asking Clients for Feedback or Reviews

As a customer, I am approached every day with an ask to submit a review about software, restaurant, experience, etc. Most of the time, I believe that the way reviews are solicited is poorly executed.

Today, I am going to discuss 5 best practices for B2B companies to effectively maximize the number of positive reviews.

Thoughtful Ask

When soliciting a review the approach needs to be a personal 1-to-1 ask. If you want a client to spend 10 minutes providing a thoughtful review, you need to do the same with the ask. In the solicitation, it is important to remind them of specific positives of the project, relationship, services, etc. The more thoughtful and specific the approach, the more likely the client will volunteer their time to provide feedback.

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Incentivize to Complete

This may seem cliché but it works. Incentivizing the client to provide a review can act as extra motivation to get them to complete it. Many clients want or intend to provide a review but never get around to it. Providing a thank you gift for their time will help push them to get it done. Most clients do not want to accept a gift for something they have not done.

Do Not Automate

In almost all B2B marketing, there is over-automation of tasks. Companies automate the chatbot on their B2B website, they automate lead nurturing, etc. They try to do the same thing with asking for reviews.

I find most automation insulting—if you want a client to spend the time to provide a review, don’t “mail it in” with an automated ask.

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If In Doubt, Don’t Ask

The goal of soliciting reviews is to build up many positive reviews. Therefore, you need to be strategic about which clients you ask and which ones you don’t. In any B2B business, there are projects that are a grand success and some that can be trying. If you doubt you will receive a positive review from a client, it is advisable that you refrain from asking.

A Few Bad Reviews Isn’t the End of the World

Directories can be one of the best B2B lead generation channels. Most directories rely on client reviews for ranking. You will receive some less than positive or downright negative reviews. Remember that having some less-than-stellar reviews will actually help the credibility of your profile. Clients are not dumb—they know that some projects are less than perfect. They will be skeptical of the review website if everything is glowing praise.

In conclusion, asking for reviews must be part of a process so you automatically consider each client and their potential for a positive review. It needs to be a step in a process like a client offboarding so you don’t forget about it. This way you will maximize the visibility of your B2B company and showcase your best work.


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