Commonly Asked Questions on B2B Website Design

At Bop Design, our team lives and breathes B2B website design and development on a daily basis. Well, not literally, but definitely figuratively. But we live in reality and we know that not everyone is as well-versed in B2B web design. As such, we’ve compiled typical questions and have responded to the most commonly asked questions about web design for B2B.

Feel free to read all the answers or skip to the one that you need answered most.

What is B2B website design?

B2B website design refers to building an online platform for a business that sells directly to other businesses. The B2B stands for a Business-to-Business company model. This is contrasted with companies that sell directly to consumers as those are considered B2C firms.

A B2B website design is the look-and-feel of the online face of your company. Your website is the digital portal for your prospects and potential partners to learn more about what types of services or products your company sells.

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How do you write a B2B website?

Writing the copy for a B2B website is a process and often requires the input of the subject matter experts (SMEs) at your company and a professional copywriter. The SMEs are the folks at your company that know your products or services inside out and understand what the end user gets out of the product or service (aka the value of your service or product).

Writing copy for a B2B website isn’t something you can just jump into. First, you need to know which pages you’ll be drafting. Your best bet is to start with the homepage and then move on to other pages, like services/products, about your company, use cases, etc. Again, working with an experienced website copywriter will ensure a smooth, structured process to keep you and your team on track.

What should be included in a B2B website?

What to include in a B2B website often varies by your product or service offerings, the industries you serve, and the buyers looking to purchase your product/service. That being said, there are a few foundational things you should include in your B2B website.

First, include a well-written and designed homepage, product or service pages, company information, educational resource pages, and information on the types of firms you work with or serve. Next, include clear calls-to-action (CTAs), contact pages, and contact information. These are a great place to start, but if you are working with a B2B website design agency, they will have likely have additional recommendations.

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What is the best B2B website?

Ask this question to anyone working in B2B website design and you’ll get as many different answers as people you ask. However, the best B2B website out there does what the builder intended it to do. For example, a website design is successful if the goal is lead generation and it prompts visitors to complete forms or desired actions to become clients. A website is the best if it is designed to attract new investors and you get a new slew of investors who found your firm’s website helpful and appealing.

In short, the best B2B website accomplishes the goals you outline before you build it.

How do I make a B2B homepage?

A B2B homepage seems simple enough – it should explain to visitors what your company offers and why it’s the right fit for them. Ok, that’s a crazy oversimplification, but it’s a good high-level view of what you need to make a B2B homepage successful. At Bop Design, we have a team of experienced, professional B2B website designers and developers. Every homepage is different and should be customized to the needs of your business. If lead generation is a priority, CTAs should be highly visible. If education is the primary goal, then a link to your resources or use cases should take center stage.

Ideally, working with an experienced website designer or web design agency will ensure a smooth homepage creation process.

What does B2B mean in graphic design?

B2B in graphic design refers to creating materials for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Why does this term come up in graphic design? Because the audiences and best practices for B2B marketing vs B2C marketing (or marketing aimed at individual consumers buying for their personal needs) varies.

B2C marketing is often fast-paced and focuses on the latest and greatest trends, preferences, and personal connections. B2B marketing is different in that it often appeals to more than one decision marker (often at different levels in the company), fulfills different needs for various departments, often has a longer buying cycle, and is for the benefit of the company/not the non-work-related needs of the person.

Have any other questions about B2B website design? We’d like to answer any questions you have about website design for B2B – so let us know!


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