Your Most Pressing SEO Questions Answered

As a B2B marketer looking to attract and convert new clients, part of your job is often search engine optimization (SEO) or at least SEO-related. It’s impossible to know absolutely everything there is about SEO and it’s often more of an art than a science.

However, you likely have a few pressing questions about SEO for your B2B web design and marketing strategy.

Let’s explore several pressing questions that we often hear from the B2B marketing teams we work with.

What do I do about the GA4 transition?

As the July 1 shutdown deadline for Universal Analytics (UA) approaches, the anxiety over what to do about the transition to Google Analytics 4 is clearly ramping up among marketers.

When you log into your Google Analytics account, you will see this at the very top:

Seeing this warning does not necessarily mean you don’t have GA4 set up yet and it’s easy to check if you do. Simply follow these instructions to check:

Click on “Admin” in the lower right corner of your dashboard.

Next, click on “GA4 Setup Assistant” in the Property View.

If it’s set up, you’ll see the following message:

You can either click on the button to go to your GA4 property or you can access it from your view dropdown menu at the top. We recommend going through and making sure any conversions you want to track on your B2B website are set up so you have a few months of data before the July transition.

If you have not set up GA4 yet, you need to set it up today. Instead of seeing the above notice, you’ll see a notice that says “Get Started” and “I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property. Google has instructions on how to set that up, which you can view here.

If you haven’t set up GA4, don’t panic, just proceed with the setup. All data from your Universal Analytics account won’t disappear, but it will stop collecting new data starting on July 1. Google hasn’t provided details on sunsetting UA just yet, so you will have historical data available for your B2B website.

Read more: Using Google Analytics to drive your SEO strategy.

What keywords should I be using?

Another common question we hear is, “What keywords should I be using on my B2B website and in my marketing strategies?” The short answer is: relevant terms that indicate an intent to buy. We have an entire blog dedicated to finding keywords that will convert and another post on choosing the right SEO keywords. The keywords that are right for your company will depend on the products or services you sell, your industry, and your audience.

Check out those two posts to get headed in the right direction for selecting keywords and performing keyword research:

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How should I optimize my B2B website?

This is a common question and has a lengthy answer which may also vary depending on the SEO manager you work with. From our perspective, you need an entire SEO strategy integrated into you B2B website design strategy.

A well-optimized website has the following:

  • a targeted keyword strategy
  • optimized load times
  • images and videos optimized for a good UX
  • an ongoing strategy for adding fresh content while also focusing on conversions

If you are planning for a new B2B website, you should include an SEO strategy before you launch to ensure you are optimizing everything from the website structure to the content on the pages.

What should I be tracking in analytics?

What you track in analytics depends on the goals of your B2B marketing strategy. However, we assume that the majority of B2B marketers have lead generation as part of their KPIs, if not their main KPI. If that speaks to you, then you want to track the behavior of visitors to your site, the channels that brought them to your B2B website, which channels are producing the best quality leads, and the overall performance of your website (things like most visited pages, highest converting pages, pagespeed, etc.).

Do you have other pressing SEO questions about your B2B website and marketing strategy? Contact us today to set up a consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your SEO goals.

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