What It’s Like to Work with Our B2B Web Design Agency: A Client’s Perspective

Bringing on a web design partner can be exciting but also a big risk. Hire the right partner and everything turns up roses but hire an ill-fitting partner and it’s nothing but headaches…or worse…a tarnished reputation.

As an experienced B2B web design agency that has worked on 400+ websites, we understand that the road to getting budget and buy-in for a new website is long and arduous. Once you’ve got internal buy-in and the resources, it’s time to vet potential partners and evaluate proposals.

Navigating the RFP and Proposal Process

The proposal process is typically informational and somewhat confusing. Even if you have a clearly defined scope, you’ll see wildly different proposals. There are concrete things you can evaluate between proposals like the number of design pitches, rounds of revisions, who is handling copy, how long development takes, the actual cost of the design and build, and the length of time to launch. Be very cautious with outliers on price, schedule, project scope, etc.

What Is It Like to Work with the B2B Website Agency?

But what about the less tangible things? Like, what it’s like to work with a particular agency?

What can you expect from the B2B marketing and design team? Do they deliver on what they promise? What can you expect to get at the end of the process and what value does it offer your business?

The best answer to these questions is often provided by talking to an existing or previous client of the agencies you are evaluating. During the proposal process, we are happy to provide references for our prospects to chat with. However, in an effort to make it even easier to learn what it’s like to work with our B2B web design and marketing agency, we’ve don’t the work for you. Below, we share interviews with three of B2B website design clients.

Why Do Clients Choose Bop Design as a B2B Website and Marketing Partner?

Here’s what Christian of IVEMSA says about working with Bop Design:

Listen to what Scott of Perr&Knight says about his experience with Bop Design:

Hear more about what Darryl of MediKeeper thinks of his experience working with Bop Design:

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