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Print Design

B2B Print Design By Bop Design

Bop Design’s in-house graphic design team specializes in creating a variety of printed marketing collateral for your B2B needs. Browse our most recent work, including brand guidelines, stationery, business cards, brochures, flyers and more. Call or email us to get a personalized B2B marketing consultation.

Chandler Asset Management Print Design

Independent investment management firm, Chandler Asset Management, needed a capabilities brochure to utilize as a “leave behind” with referral partners and prospective clients. Bop Design create a versatile brochure that could be easily utilized in sales meetings, conferences, networking events, etc.

Confident Technologies, Inc. Print Design

Confident Technologies, Inc. provides CAPTCHA and image-based verification services for online retailing, gaming and more. In advance of a conference, Bop Design created a general brochure outlining their unique technology, in addition to raising awareness of the risks of an insecure website.

Pegasus Building Services Print Design

Pegasus Building Services serves a variety of industries in need of intensive cleaning, ranging from data centers to hospitals. With such a diverse client base, Bop Design created four one-sheets that speak to the unique needs of each industry.

Relocation Coordinates International Print Design

Corporate relocation service provider, Relocation Coordinates, offers comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking to move C-level employees to new geographical areas. Bop Design create a general capabilities brochure to easily outline the depth of their services, in addition to how they differentiate from the competition.

Aviso Financial Print Design

Bop Design incorporated the new Aviso Financial logo and branding in a multi-purpose brochure targeted towards middle class individuals seeking an independent financial advisor.

Benefits Exchange Alliance Print Design

Bop Design created a variety of printed marketing collateral, including brochures, flyers and branded folders, for Benefits Exchange Alliance to share with target audiences seeking a benefits consultant.

Boatracs Print Design

Bop Design re-designed Boatracs’s print and digital collateral so that it displays a consistent look throughout all marketing communications.

CDC Small Business Finance Print Design

CDC Small Business Finance hired Bop Design to update the firm’s marketing materials to better position the CDC brand as a credible small business resource. The print collateral builds upon the look and feel established in the new website. The CDC marketing staff can manage and make edits with much of the collateral.

Competitive Edge Research & Communication

Competitive Edge relies on printed marketing to build brand awareness and generate new client relationships. Bop Design helped create unique concepts and designs for published research, guides and brochures for the political consulting firm.

Eakes & Company Print Design

As an accounting firm, Eakes & Company needed effective print collateral that could be used as a “leave behind” to build a case of credibility. Bop Design created printed collateral, such as brochures and stationery, to foster their lead nurturing process.

Diane Gilabert Print Design

As Diane Gilabert networks in the San Diego professional community, a compelling business card, stationery and brochure is critical. Bop Design created collateral that supports Diane’s project accounting expertise and will last for years to come.

Federer Performance Management Group Print Design

FPMG needed a capabilities brochure and other print collateral to concisely illustrate the consulting firm’s services and ideal client profile. Bop Design designed print marketing tools that educate and attract new clients.

SkyRiver IT Print Design

Bop Design created a new SkyRiver IT brochure that emphasizes frustration-free IT services. Speaking to business owners and CFOs, the brochure message discusses what makes SkyRiver IT different—clients work with technicians who take their support issue seriously, provide clear, jargon-free communication and resolve your issue after the first call.

First Associates Print Design

The new print collateral designed by Bop Design effectively conveys First Associates’s unique value proposition—highlighting flexibility, scalability, security and compliance.

Grant Hinkle & Jacobs Print Design

Grant Hinkle & Jacobs’s old marketing collateral was ineffective in communicating to younger entrepreneurs and executives concerned about risk mitigation and wealth planning. Bop Design created an updated brochure design with refreshed messaging to position the insurance firm as innovative and progressive.

LifeForce Print Design

LifeForce’s BeNew packaging and brochures consists of aspirational messaging and design that emotionally engages end users—highlighting the potential health and lifestyle benefits of their weight loss solutions.

New Venture Escrow Print Design

To spread the word of the new VentureTrac escrow app, Bop Design created a flyer for New Venture Escrow versatile to share with buyers and realtors.

RailPros Print Design

The print collateral, including stationery, business cards, email newsletter and brochure, equips the RailPros business development team with the necessary tools to generate leads, “open doors” and nurture relationships.

Strategy Meets Performance Print

In Strategy Meets Performance’s sales process, the firm needed a capabilities brochure that they could use in sales meetings, tradeshows and direct mail. Bop Design created a brochure design that can be used for multiple objectives in addition to branded stationery and business cards.

SupraMed Incorporated Print Design

Following a re-branding and logo design, Bop Design created printed business cards and stationery consistent with the SupraMed brand guide—ensuring proper usage on all collateral.

Barsa & Company Print Design

Barsa & Company needed a print foundation to convey value and professionalism. The Bop Design team created a business card design, stationery design and general brochure that helps Barsa “look the part” in front of its target market.

VeraVia Print Design

VeraVia needed print collateral to communicate to direct clients, travel agents and corporate wellness decision makers. Bop Design created collateral that highlights VeraVia’s unique value proposition to each client segment.

TencerSherman Print

Bop Design created a flyer announcement that aligned with TencerSherman’s newly established branding, announcing their new logo, website and firm mission.

The 200% Company Print

The 200% Company needed new print marketing tools to better articulate the firm’s service offerings—creating a better first impression as the consulting firm is introduced to prospective clients. The new print collateral helps The 200% Company sales team uncover new business opportunities.

Therapy Changes Print Design

Therapy Changes’s collection of print collateral—such as printed guides, flyers and brochures—offers resources for potential patients looking for information across a variety of concerns.

Titan LED Print Design

Titan LED manufactures energy efficient lighting solutions for warehouses, retail, hospitals, municipalities and small businesses. The firm hired Bop Design to create a capabilities brochure that highlights products appropriate for each client segment.

Trifecta Print Design

Trifecta needed sales sheets for each industry sector—hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Once the website gets them in the door, the sales sheets focus on issues specific to each industry.

Wertz & Company Print Design

Accounting firm marketing can seem boring to some but Bop Design created compelling brand messaging and a captivating print design that will serve Wertz & Company well for years to come.