Start Improving Your Website SEO Today with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has revolutionized the way we market our company’s product or services. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing robust social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc… to build online communities and strengthen relationships. Most of us are aware of the positive effects that social media marketing can have on our businesses, but you may not know that social media marketing is also helping improve your website Search Engine Ranking (SER).

The following are just a few ways that social media marketing improves your website’s SEO:

  • Inbound links
  • Fresh content
  • New traffic
  • Website authority

There are hundreds of tactics, outside social media marketing, to build a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. But unfortunately many of these tactics require technical resources to implement and most small businesses don’t have a technical resource available to dedicate to SEO. This is where social media marketing can really help your business. Most social media marketing requires very little, if any, technical capabilities. The only skills required are dedication, industry knowledge, minor writing skills and a little personality.

To get started, pick a couple social media marketing tools, relevant to your industry, and begin sharing educational information and engaging with others. Most importantly when getting started is not to bite off more than you can chew – pick a few tools to start with and if you are able to keep those up-to-date then consider tackling some additional social media tools.

You still need to develop a long-term SEO strategy for your website because social media marketing can only take you so far in terms of ranking. But, in the meantime jump on the social media marketing bandwagon and begin developing your online community today!

If you need any assistance building out your online communities or providing content please don’t hesitate to contact Bop Design today.


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