New Client Website Design: Molera Alvarez

Molera Alvarez Web DesignMolera Alvarez is one of the largest and most influential business development and political consulting firms in Arizona. They provide a full range of services, from government affairs and business development to public relations and community outreach. Molera Alvarez has achieved results for many different kinds of clients, including Fortune 500 companies and non-profit groups.

Molera Alvarez came to Bop Design to position their firm as a national brand. This required an update to the look and feel of both their logo and their website. They wanted a brand identity that communicated elegance and sophistication without being intimidating. The new website design needed to showcase their numerous success stories and case studies, as well as highlight the firm’s involvement in social media.

Bop gave Molera Alvarez a website design that conveys both the firm’s sophistication and the personal relationships with their clients. The logo clearly communicates their core competency while the website copy educates visitors on the firm’s capabilities. The matching stationery and business cards complete the brand identity that supports Molera Alvarez’s position as a leading business development and political consulting firm.


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