6 Rookie Mistakes That Ruin Your Website Redesign

Maintaining a fresh and updated website should be one of your key business marketing strategies. Too many people with half-developed ideas start implementing new strategies without fully thinking them through. Seasoned executives know that these rookie mistakes can cost time, money, and even new clients. If redesigning your business website has been floating around the top of your priority list lately, check out this list of mistakes to avoid.

Rookie Mistake #1: Trying to do too much
Remember who your clients are. Remember what they want from you. Is yours an eCommerce site? Then your focus should be on selling your merchandise. Is it a corporate service, like a CPA firm or attorney’s office? Then your focus should be on reassuring your potential clients that you offer the expertise and professionalism that they’re seeking. Focus on your business’s main strategy and execute it flawlessly. Resist the temptation to ‘be everything to everyone.’ Stick to what you do best and show your clients why you’re right for them.

Rookie Mistake #2: Thinking too far outside of the box
Your goal should be to set your business apart from your competition while maintaining a familiarity that will put your clients at ease. Be very careful when using unconventional ideas. Users will expect a certain look, feel, and usability from your website, depending on your industry. Reference your direct competitors’ websites and use their designs as a launch point. Subtle adjustments in color palette, fonts, layout, or stock photography can have a huge impact on how your website is perceived, without making it seem out of place.

Rookie Mistake #3: Indecision
It’s never a good idea to rush into a launch for a website that is incomplete or not fully functional. However, for every week that your updated website is not being seen by your prospective clients, you are missing an opportunity for engagement. Set deadlines to approve drafts and designs from your web developer. If your website’s main framework is ready and most content is locked, launch the site ASAP. You can always work on small tweaks with your developer that will tighten the site but not impact overall usability.

Rookie Mistake #4: Not having a clear call to action and/or contact information on each page
If you’re working with a web developer that provides copywriting services, this will not be an issue. Web writers know that the single most important piece of content on any web page is the call to action. But if you’re developing or updating your own content, be sure to scan each page and identify at least one area where your reader is directly solicited to contact you. Your business’s contact information should also be clearly highlighted on each page of your site. Feature it in a sidebar, across the header, in the footer, or even on your website’s overall page title. You never know when a prospective client will decide to pick up the phone and you don’t want to inhibit their momentum by burying your contact information.

Rookie Mistake # 5: Trying to do it all yourself
If your daily schedule is already full, work with a website design company that can support your interests while freeing you up to run your business. There are plenty of reputable companies that offer affordable website design and copywriting services. They employ teams of experienced people who are enthusiastic about creating compelling websites for businesses. Even the smallest, simplest sites have lots of content. Multiple pages with multiple content areas must all be filled with compelling copy, design and imagery that will help your business stand out. A marketing company can help.

Rookie Mistake #6: Not doing anything
This is the most tragic of the rookie mistakes because it leads to stasis and neglected websites. Delaying the start of the project because you’re overwhelmed is a common mistake that can be easily avoided. If you have been “meaning to” update your website for more than four months, then it’s time to call in a professional and get the ball rolling. You’ll feel so much better after you do.

Your website should be a source of pride for you and a key tool to support your business’s marketing strategies. Though you might not know much about the process now, think of it as a refresher course to reacquaint yourself with all aspects of your brand. The whole thing might seem overwhelming, but the first step is to step up to the plate.


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