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As a San Diego web design firm, we work with a variety of B2B firms on redesigning and launching new websites. A major myth that we encounter on a daily basis is that a functional, educational B2B web design is always boring. We try to bust this myth at every chance we get. At Bop Design, we firmly believe that business-to-business websites can be engaging, dynamic, and exciting!

A winning B2B website creates a strong connection with prospects and clients while properly upholding the branding of the business. While great web designs vary by look and feel, they all have four major components.

Bust the Boring Myth

The prevalent myth is that only companies that are targeting consumers directly can be exciting and that business-to-business company websites will always be in the boring category. This is a myth!

Salesforce recently published an infographic called “The Psychology of Sales and the Human Mind,” which takes a look at how emotion affects buying decisions. Did you know that buying decisions are based on 20% logic and 80% emotion? By tapping into the emotions of potential customers and building a website that is exciting, a B2B firm has a better chance at truly connecting with prospects and converting them into leads.

I Do What I Want Responsive Website

A responsive B2B web design is always a winner, not just for the SEO benefits, but because it truly caters to the needs of a prospective client. By creating a website that is adaptable and can be easily viewed on every device, your firm is creating an online presence where prospects can interact with your website according to their preference.

Many of the B2B firms we work with currently are choosing to go with responsive web design. As smartphone, tablet, and laptop usage continues to climb and eclipse desktop browsing, a responsive website is a must have to connect with prospects and give them the functionality they want.

Don’t Design, Tell a Story

Web design can be beautiful, functional, and engaging all at once. In our experience, many B2B companies have really cool services or products that provide significant value for a customer. However, they can get bogged down in the details of services and features and forget what really matters and how awesome their brand is. For our B2B web design clients, we highlight the value propositions and characters of the brand in the design to garner engagement.

A strong web design does more than give information about products and services, it tells a story. For instance, a parallax homepage design is often a great way to narrate a story and engage the website visitor. An example of using design to connect and engage is a website we created for Bradley & Company, a private wealth management firm. The design visually guides you through what the first three months as a client of Bradley & Company would be like, helping you see and understand what it’s like to be a client of the firm.

Use It or Lose It

To use a common phrase, at the end of the day, a website must unequivocally be useful. If a B2B web design is not useful, you will lose potential customers to your competitors who have user-friendly, helpful websites. Before we begin any San Diego web design project, we determine what our client’s website needs in order to be useful. Ask yourself whether prospects and customers need an educational blog, do they need to see contact information at the top of the page, do they need a breakdown of services and fees, do they need to know how something works, or do they need tools to help them implement your services at their own business?

What makes a B2B web design a winner is that not only is it useful and functional, it’s engaging, responsive, and exciting. At Bop Design, our number one commitment is to break the boring B2B web design myth and deliver functional, useful websites that create strong connections with potential prospects.


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