Why B2B Content Marketing Is Different

Not all content marketing is the same. A B2B content marketing strategy is different than a B2C content marketing strategy. This all starts with the general dynamic. B2C marketing centers around a personal experience, however B2B marketing must be personal and professional at the same time. What does that mean? Let’s take a look.

Your Target Market Is Specific

As a B2B marketing firm working primarily with B2B firms, the first thing we ask our clients is to define their target market. For a B2B firm, the market is often highly specific – meaning we can identify job titles, income, daily functions, a set of needs and pain points, influencing factors, etc. Creating content for a clearly identified audience means the copy can be highly targeted and address specific issues or potential objections.

There Is More than One Decision Maker

Unless your target market is a consultant or a one-person company, there is always more than one decision maker. A B2B content marketing strategy should take this into account and make the buying process easier. For example, when creating helpful content for mid-level managers, it’s ideal to create content that the manager can take to their President or CEO to prove the value of deciding to hire your firm. Things like case studies, statistics, FAQs, and results-oriented content are useful tools in making the decision process smoother.

It’s Not Exciting

What’s more exciting: the latest iPhone with cool new features or the process of chemical manufacturing liquid cleaners? The answer is that it depends on the audience. As a B2B content marketing company, we believe that B2B content CAN be exciting when done right. It might not be the same as the “traditional excitement” or buzz associated with consumer products, but pitching a new angle or sharing innovative ideas about your industry can be very exciting to your potential clients. Just think, if you find a vendor who can cut turn-around time in half and make an even better product for the same price – doesn’t that sound exciting?

Thought Leadership

Soda brands and shoe makers don’t need to establish themselves as the authorities on libations or leather by telling you all about where the ingredients came from or how the leather was treated and formed. However, your B2B firm must establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry to distinguish yourself from the competition and build credibility with potential clients. A solid B2B content marketing strategy includes creating blogs, articles, and white papers that showcase the knowledge and innovations your firm has to offer clients.

The Right Avenue

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a piece of content your firm created go completely viral? Honestly, chances of that happening are relatively slim. While the B2B market is more focused and targeted, it’s also smaller. Finding the right avenue and meeting your target audience where they are looking online will ensure your content is consumed. In our experience, the ideal places for sharing your unique B2B content are LinkedIn and industry websites or blogs. Guest blogging opportunities have immense value for B2B marketing strategies.

When creating or updating your B2B content marketing strategy, it’s important to work with a partner who is familiar with business-to-business marketing plans. Learn more about how to create a successful B2B content marketing strategy for your firm.


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