5 B2B Content Marketing Tips to Build Relationships

When we talk about B2B content marketing, the main reason B2B firms don’t create content is because they don’t have time. We get it. Writing blogs, drafting white papers, creating infographics, and designing online guides all take time. However, most people know and will tell you that building and nurturing a strong, trusting relationship takes time. It surprises many B2B professionals to learn that content marketing is actually an easy, effective way to build strong relationships with current and potential clients.

1.  Share the Wealth (a.k.a. Knowledge)

You have a ton of knowledge about your services and industry. So, why aren’t you sharing that wealth of knowledge with your audience? Are you afraid that if you share all your secrets and tools, clients will leave and your new clients won’t need you? In a B2B content marketing strategy, the idea is to give away as much information as possible. Sharing information engenders trust and builds up your authority as an expert.

2.  Be Useful and Likeable

There is nothing worse than being seated next to an arrogant, know-it-all at a dinner party. The same holds true for businesses that project the persona that they know everything and are better than everyone. No one likes to work with those companies. Have you ever heard the saying that you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar? It’s a true statement, especially when it comes to B2B content marketing. By creating content that is both useful and relatable to your audience, you are creating a positive perception and showing them that you want to help them.

3.  Stay on Rhythm

We’ve seen it before. A business gets pumped up about content marketing and starts creating blogs like crazy and then they drop off as priorities shift. The easiest way to continually foster relationships with your existing and potential clients is by consistently sharing great content. If it’s impractical to publish a blog every week, publish one every other week. The key is to be consistent, reliable, and on rhythm. Be consistent means that people can rely on you and go to you as a resource.

4.  Answer Questions

The best type of customer service is the type that answers customer questions effectively, efficiently, and accurately. A successful B2B content marketing strategy involves content that answers client questions. It should cover the most common questions about services, the industry, or your company. This type of content builds trust with potential clients since it lets them know you understand them and are willing to take the time to explain.

5.  Make It Simple

No matter how complex your industry is, your content should be simple and straightforward. As a B2B web design company, we know that not everyone understands what responsive design is or how to read a sitemap, so we make it simple. Creating simple, straightforward content for your audience shows you know what you are talking about and that you can relate to them. Accessible blogs, guides, articles, and white papers can be instrumental in convincing a potential client that not only do they need your services, they need to work with your company.

Building relationships through B2B content marketing is a great way to attract new clients and retain existing clients. Remember to Share, Be Useful, Stay Consistent, Answer Questions, and Keep It Simple to reap the many benefits of content marketing.


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