Why Writing Website Content Is Emotional

Do you think writing website content is an emotional process? Building a B2B website seems like a fairly straightforward process:

Design > Approve > Copy Writing > Approve > Build > Approve > Launch

What many marketers and business owners often don’t realize is that it is often a very emotional process (don’t forget that anger and excitement are emotions). As a B2B web design company working closely with San Diego and Orange County firms to launch new websites, we help people through the website launch process every day.

In this blog, we are going to discuss why writing website copy is emotional and share tips for breaking that emotional connection to get that website launched.

Everyone Is a Novelist

It’s easy to laugh at this statement, but it’s true. You know it, deep down, there is a novel in you just waiting to come out. At Bop Design, we don’t doubt the creative inspiration that lives within every client we work with. As a digital marketing agency that creates B2B web designs, we thrive on creativity and encourage it in our clients and staff. Here is the big BUT. But, website content isn’t a time to get creative. It’s a time to focus on accomplishing a goal whether it be telling your brand story, educating your audience, or converting website leads.

The Tricky Part: Content Is Subjective

As any copywriter knows, besides grammar, content can be very subjective. Here is what is subjective about content:

  • Tone or Voice
  • Style
  • Slang
  • Humor
  • Language Usage

The tricky part about subjective content for B2B websites is that it can be hard to define. For many clients, until you read content that is conversational, you may not know that you prefer direct, no-nonsense copy.

This Copy Is Riddled with Errors!

While it’s hard to lead with what type of content you want to include in your B2B web design, it’s easy to define what you don’t like about copy after it is written. Any web designer or web copywriter EXPECTS revisions. Keep in mind that it’s very rare to hit a web design or copywriting homerun on the first try. At our B2B web design agency, we build in several rounds of client feedback in the design, copywriting, and development phases. Errors that can easily be fixed are wrong usage of “Inc.” following a company name, non-standard industry jargon, or anything on the subjective list.

Agency Tip: Keep in mind, that as the client, if you provide clear, direct feedback and revisions, you’ll get the best results in the end and you’ll avoid any frustration.

We Hate This Web Copy

There is no doubt that this statement conveys raw emotion. What it doesn’t convey is actionable information. A more informative statement is, “We think this copy is too conversational. We’d like to see language that is more direct or has bullet points.” Any B2B web design agency is focused on creating a final website that you like and achieves your objectives.

Break the Emotional Connection

We understand that emotions are what make us human beings. Emotions can be a great thing. However, when it comes to creating B2B web designs for your brand, it’s best to analyze an emotional reaction to a design, copy, or layout and translate it into an actionable, objective statement. Here are a few questions to ask to when breaking the emotional connection:

  • How does this make me feel?
  • Why does it make me feel that way?
  • What would change how I feel about it?
  • What can be done to make that change?

By breaking the emotional connection to website copy, you can achieve copy that will properly communicate your value propositions to your target audience. Insightful communication is always better than emotional outbursts when it comes to completing a website launch.

Looking for more tips on you upcoming B2B web design project? Check out the Top 6 Things Heard During a Web Design Project to prepare for your upcoming project.


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