How to Convert a Website Lead into a Customer

For almost all of our B2B web design and content marketing projects, attracting new customer leads is the main goal. At Bop Design, we practice what we preach to our clients. We also use our website and content marketing to generate new client leads. In fact, inbound marketing is the number one lead generation tool for us.

But what happens once your website or content marketing efforts generate a lead? How can we convert that website lead into a sparkly new customer?

Establish a Process

Before your very first lead ever comes to your website and completes a form, or calls your office, establish a process. For all leads, determine:

  • Who gets the lead
  • How to answer the phone or contact form
  • A sales script with FAQs and answers
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Lead tracking tools

Inbound sales leads should go to a senior member of the team, a sales manager is best. If your sales team is new or junior, it’s essential to have all the other items on the list to make sure every website lead is handled properly.

Don’t take for granted that your team knows how to answer leads or phone calls. Remember that every interaction a potential client has with your company should be consistent with your brand. For example, every member of the Bop Design team answers the phone with “Bop Design, this is (NAME).” You’d be surprised how many professionals simply answer the phone with “Hello.” (Where is the credibility in that?)

Coaching and tools are essential to set your team up for success and create consistency with your branding.

Time (REALLY) Is Of the Essence

All B2B website leads should be responded to as quickly as possible, at least the same day. Quick responses accomplish several things:

1. It shows your company is responsive, quick, and customer service oriented.

2. It separates you from competitors (What if that lead contacted several companies and you are the first to respond?).

3. It makes sure the lead doesn’t get lost or ignored.

4. It gets you one step closer to closing the deal.

Educate Your Team

Every member of your team is unique and has his or her own way of handling this. That doesn’t work for creating a consistent brand image for your company. Educate your team by training them on how to handle and respond to a B2B website lead. Let them know what your expectations are for responsiveness, messaging, timing, and results.

Training is instrumental even for seasoned sales professionals. Half the time, sales professionals won’t ask the lead when they can schedule a consultation. Training, continual coaching, and setting clear expectations equip your team for success.


Whether it’s a phone call lead or a lead from your B2B website, always follow-up after the initial contact. Assume that people are busy and will appreciate the follow-up. Remember that they contacted you! They want to hear from you.

Send Materials (Hello, Content Marketing!)

As part of your follow-up or initial response, you should share helpful materials with the potential client. Your B2B content marketing strategy should include materials for every part of the sales cycle – so put them to use! Remember that a potential client may require nurturing. Sharing branded, educational content pieces with the potential client ensures that you nurture that client down the sales funnel until they are ready to commit.

Let’s do a quick recap for converting B2B website leads into new customers:

  • Have a Process
  • Respond Quickly
  • Train Your Staff
  • Always Follow-Up Again
  • Share Helpful Content
  • “Always Be Closing”

Inbound marketing leads are a great opportunity to add a new customer to your customer base. Follow the tips here to put your best foot forward and create a great customer experience for your B2B website leads. Get more tips on content marketing to build relationships too.


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