How to Create a Website that Fits with Your Brand in 9 Steps

Your website is essentially the digital face of your brand. It’s often the first interaction a prospective buyer has with your brand, so it’s important that your B2B web design clearly and accurately represents your firm’s brand. In this post, we share 9 steps to take to ensure your website properly fits with your overall branding and messaging.

1. Elect a Mayor

Start by electing, nominating, assigning the “mayor” of your website and web design project. This person is the main point of contact for all things website-related. They may not be the most senior person in your company, but they call the shots on the B2B website as it is built and after it is launched.

2. Determine the Purpose

Once you have your mayor in place, decide what the main purpose, goal, or function of the website. Will it be a lead generation tool? Is it an online brochure? Is it a credibility piece? Are you trying to build your network? Having one main purpose makes it easy to link all tasks and functions back to it.

3. Know Your Brand Essence

What do you stand for? Ok, it might not be that dramatic. Whether your company is a new start-up or a company with 20+ years in business, it’s important to know your brand. In many cases, defining the main value proposition and benefits of your services will help you understand your brand. If you are considering rebranding, stop in your tracks! It’s best to do a rebrand before building a new B2B website.

4. Define Your Brand

With the main overarching theme of your brand nailed down, further define your brand. Core values are often the best way to flesh out your brand’s definition. An experienced web designer will draw on your core values and brand definition to create visuals, images, and a layout for your B2B website that echoes, upholds and mirrors your brand.

5. Pick the Essentials

A well branded website showcases the essentials of your B2B brand and services, but it can’t have EVERYTHING. Identify the major design, copy, and image essentials of your brand. Do you need a specific color represented? Do you have a tagline to include? Is there a particular picture of your products or team that must be represented on the website? Highlighting the essentials on your B2B website ensures your brand remains clear, concise, and easy to identify.

6. Picture Your Audience

Your website is mainly for your audience of prospects and clients. Are they business executives? Do they have technical expertise? Are they pressed for time? Knowing the persona of your audience helps to determine how to design a website for your brand that will resonate with your audience and make them want to do business with you.

7. Choose Professionals

Unless you are a professional Orange County or San Diego web design company, you’ll need to find a web designer or agency to help with bringing your ideas and brand to life on a new B2B website. Vet the professionals you interview by finding out what types of companies they’ve worked with, see samples of their work, and possibly talk to previous clients.

8. Brainstorm & Get Creative

A new website design is your chance to get a cool, fresh look for the digital face of your image. Brainstorm ideas with your team and web design agency and get creative. Is it time to introduce a new color to your brand color palette? Do you want to tell your story with images? Often, as you ideate and discuss your brand, your web design firm will get a clearer understanding of your brand.

9. Keep Messaging on Track

As your B2B website is built, carefully evaluate the messaging of all images, content, and the general layout. If your main brand value proposition is that you are high-tech and offering the latest services, does your website reflect that with a high-tech and cutting edge design? Alternately, if your main message is that you are friendly and customer-service oriented, does your website reflect that and make it easy to get in touch with you?

A great B2B web design reflects the main qualities of your brand and builds a strong connection with prospects and clients. If you are considering a rebrand or branding a new company, check out 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Branding before you get started.


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