10 Ideas for Your Next Blog

Writer’s block is a definitely a real thing. But what if you can’t even get to the topic stage of content creation? Argh!

We feel your pain. Whether you are just starting out with content marketing for your firm or updating your blogging editorial calendar, brainstorming ideas can be tough. When it comes to B2B content marketing, we’ve got loads of ideas and get inspiration from a ton of different places.

Here are 10 ideas for your next blog:

  1. Share How-To Tips

How-to content marketing pieces are super helpful and highly sought-after. Before you get in over your head with creating a large how-to guide or ebook, start with a blog that provides a simple how-to.

As a San Diego web design and marketing agency, we give away a lot of information in how-to blogs and advise our B2B content marketing clients to do the same. Learn how to write a successful how-to blog.

  1. Give the Highlights

Do you have a product or service that is complicated or often misunderstood? A blog is a great opportunity to simplify and provide just the highlights.

Inbound marketing can be confusing so we wrote a blog that covers the highlights about inbound marketing. The blog does not promote our services as an inbound marketing agency, rather it gives the scoop on how it can help a B2B firm.

  1. Make a Checklist

A lot of people crave organization and a quick rundown of the essentials. The best way to accomplish this is with a checklist. Grocery store lists, to-do lists, packing lists for a trip, lists for buying gifts – these are all checklists.

In the business-to-business world, it can be tough to come by a checklist – especially due to the complexity of products and services in the B2B space. However, most B2B firms can create a quick checklist that is relevant to their users. Looking for an example? Check out our Complete B2B Website Checklist. The best part is that it’s simple, it’s something you already know, and your clients and prospects want it.

  1. Create an FAQ of 5 – 10 Questions

Alright, this one is something that you can create and repurpose the heck out of (pardon our language). Create a blog that asks and answers the top 10 (or less) questions frequently asked about your product or services.

Start with your sales and customer service teams as they can tell you the top questions they get every day. As a WordPress-only shop, we get a lot of questions about WordPress web design. In an effort to help educate our prospects and clients, we put together a WordPress Web Design FAQ.

  1. Discuss Industry Advancements

You want your prospects to think of you as an authority in your field. When there is a hot topic in your industry, write a blog about it. Take the advancement and explain it easy-to-understand language.

Earlier this year, the digital marketing community was abuzz about Google’s move to prioritize mobile-friendly sites, dubbed Mobilegeddon. In an effort to educate our audience, we put together a blog that gave the facts on Mobilegeddon and tips on how to handle it.

  1. Explain How a Service or Product Works

When it comes to B2B content marketing, it’s essential to share information about how a particular product or service works to build your credibility and stand out from your competition. A blog is a perfect forum for doing this, especially since the rest of your website should focus on the benefits.

Responsive design and its benefits are often misunderstood by potential clients, so a blog that explains responsive design and how it works can be helpful.

  1. Use a Current News Item

Nothing happening in your industry and you’ve already answered all your clients’ potential questions? Look to the mainstream news. Find a headline of interest (stay away from politics and religion) and use that as a jumping off point for your blog.

For example, recently a lot of press focused on the Volkswagen emissions scandal. The scandal could be used as the catalyst for a blog that discusses ensuring ethical business practices to maintain credibility.

  1. Compile Statistics

Particularly in the B2B space, statistics are essential for making decisions, convincing upper management, choosing vendors and changing strategies. Gather a bunch of recent statistics about your industry or service and put this into a blog with a summary and takeaway points.

Need an example before you get started? Check out All the Responsive Web Design Statistics You Need.

  1. Be Seasonal

Even B2B content marketers can get in on the seasonal content action. This doesn’t mean just Christmas and Thanksgiving, think of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Tax Day, Summer Vacation, Presidents’ Day, Labor Day, etc.

For example, a Valentine-themed blog in February could cover 5 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Our Support Team or How Our Service Is Your Best Match. These might sound cheesy, but they appeal to seasonality, what your clients are thinking about, and personalize your brand by adding a sense of humor.

  1. Make a Top 10 List

Your prospects and clients don’t have a lot of extra time in their day, if any. Cater to their busy lives by creating lists that are easy to read and understand. Top 10 lists are an excellent place to start. Need an example? You just read one.

There you have it, 10 Ideas for Your Next B2B Blog. Content marketing for B2B shouldn’t leave you stumped. Check out our blog for more ideas on creating your blogging editorial calendar.


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