How to Create an Effective Digital Brochure

One of the many functions of a B2B website is acting as a digital brochure for your firm. Regardless of the technology of your firm or industry, potential clients are looking to learn information about you online. This is where your website becomes a digital brochure to inform and persuade clients to learn more or to contact your company.

What Makes an Effective Digital Brochure (Website)?

Clear & Consistent Branding

First and foremost, your website needs to be a clear representation of your brand and your values. Branding should be present in both design and messaging. As your website is often a prospect’s first interaction with your brand, your messaging, colors, tagline, and layout should all be consistent with your B2B brand.

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Content That Tells a Story

Every story covers several questions:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Your B2B website content should tell a story that answers each of these questions.

Who are you? This is a two-part question. As a digital brochure, your B2B website should address who your prospect is as well as who you are.

What do you offer? The main reason a prospect is on your website is because of the services or products you have to offer them. The website content should educate a potential client about what services and products you provide in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. You may be an expert in your services or products, but your potential clients may not be, so make this information accessible.

When do clients need your products or services? By understanding your audience and knowing their needs and pain points, you can easily address when they need your products or services. For example, at Bop Design, we know that potential B2B firms need our web design and marketing services when they are looking to grow their company.

Where? This question can have different answers depending on your B2B firm’s industry and product offering. It can answer the question of where your firm is located, where your customer is located, where your company came from (history), or where your products and services provide the most value (when a physical location isn’t relevant).

Why work with your firm? Although this is one of the last questions in the list, it’s one of the most important questions and is the real driver for converting prospects into new clients. The why of your content should discuss your value proposition – what you have to offer your clients that will make their life better.

How does it work? One of the major elements B2B firms forget to include in their website content is the “how.” Simply answering how the sales process works, how your services work, or how to properly use your products educates potential prospects and provides them with valuable insight. This type of information sets you up as a trusted resource and builds your credibility with prospects.

Great Design

No matter how wonderful your content and branding are, a poor layout or overcomplicated design will turn people away from your B2B website. You may have asked yourself, “Why Can’t I Design My Own Website?” Well, the answer is you aren’t a professional web designer. An experienced B2B web designer understands the user experience, how to accurately incorporate branding into the design, and the best ways to layout all the content on the website.

Persuasive CTAs

Persuasive calls-to-action (CTAs) are instrumental in making your digital brochure an effective lead nurturing and lead generation tool. A strong CTA lets the website visitor know what they should do next. Call, Contact, Email, Read More, View Testimonials, Download Case Studies, Etc.

In order to be effective, the CTA must also evaluate where the prospect is in the sales funnel or cycle. If they are just starting the search for a B2B service provider, the CTA should invite them to learn more or download resources. If a prospect is ready to make contact, a CTA should be clear and tell them how to get in touch with your company.

Easy to Find Contact Information

This sounds simple and straightforward, but it’s one of the main reasons for frustration and visitors bouncing off your website. If your firm’s contact information is not easy to find on your B2B website, you could be losing potential clients. Even a simple “Contact Us” tab at the top of the website can enable your firm to generate more leads.

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