What Every SaaS Website Needs to Have

When selling software as a service (SaaS), a website is a critical piece for attracting new leads and educating them about the software itself. For many B2B SaaS firms, communicating how the software works and the value it provides is difficult to do without overwhelming the target audience. In our experience building B2B marketing websites for SaaS firms, we’ve found several elements that every SaaS website needs to have.

Showcase UI Images of Software

The user interface (UI) of the software is often the main thing a potential client is interested in seeing to determine if they want to learn more. It’s important to showcase high-quality product photos of the UI on the website, particularly if the software has a clean user interface. The product photos of the interface should take center stage on the website, be easy to find, and showcase the important aspects of the UI design.


Highlight “Take a Demo” CTAs

As you know, no one wants to buy a software license if they can’t try out the software. A customized software demonstration is the first step in showing a prospect how the software works and the value it offers them. For this reason, a SaaS website for B2B firms must have a call-to-action to take a demo throughout the website and in several spots on the home page.

Provide Videos & Webinar Demos

Not everyone wants to commit to a personalized demo right away, especially if they are still trying to determine what they need the software to do for them. We recommend having videos or webinars that demo the software on the website to allow these users to get a feel for the product. Another great way to demonstrate how the software works and the different features is through animated gifs. The best videos and gifs not only demonstrate how the software works and the tasks it accomplishes but highlights the benefits of using the software.

Outline the Audience & Use Cases

Don’t assume that your potential client knows they are the target market for your SaaS product. Take the time to outline the target audiences of your software and how they use it. If you have multiple user groups within an organization or have clients in various verticals, address this on your B2B website. Clearly outline who is using your product, how they are using the product and the benefits to them.

Provide Measurable Proof

Rather than saying that your SaaS does certain things, show what it accomplishes. Be sure to allocate space in your B2B web design to the measurable proof that your software does what it says it does. A great way to do this is with case studies or client testimonials (or reviews). If the main goal of your SaaS is to save time, show that it saved X amount of hours for a client. If the main benefit is that it makes the client’s organization or process more efficient, highlight that a certain client was able to make their process more efficient and discuss how they did it.

Create Content for Each Buying Stage

Your ideal client goes through a variety of stages during the buying process. For B2B companies, particularly B2B software as a service firms, the buying process can be long, complex, and involve several different decision makers. The best way you can streamline the process for your sales team and for your prospects is by creating content for every step of the buying stage. Start by creating content that lures them in and catches their interest in your product. Then create content that educates them not just about the features, but the benefits of your software. Also, give them all the content they need to make a case internally for your product. Think of their boss and their boss’s boss. Creating your own content marketing strategy for SaaS products is important to attract, qualify, nurture, and close deals.

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