Cool Content Marketing Ideas for Tech Firms

Whether your tech firm sells services software or products, you want your content marketing efforts to educate and engage your target audience. These efforts should result in a more educated buyer and hopefully position your firm as the best option.

As subject matter experts in your tech field, it’s easy to come up with topics to educate your ideal client audience. However, it can be tough to come up with B2B content marketing ideas that are educational AND engaging. At Bop Design, we’ve worked with a slew of B2B firms in the tech field. Based on our experience and what we’ve seen in the tech space, here are some cool content marketing ideas to make pieces that educate, engage, and inspire.

Video Demos

It’s very common to have a “request a demo” button on software websites or even some product sites. However, not every website visitor is ready to have a sales conversation yet. Rather than trying to force a demo on prospects who aren’t ready, try creating videos that demonstrate certain parts of your software or the cool functionality of your products. Video demos are great B2B content marketing pieces to educate a prospective buyer and save your sales team time by nurturing leads in the early stages. If the website visitors want to learn more, they can request a live demo that can be catered to their specific needs.

Interactive Infographics

The tech world is full of complicated things. Try using infographics to explain complicated processes or functionality in a visual and interactive manner. Maybe you have a specific process on how you develop solutions for your clients. Rather than giving them a dull one sheet with this information, try creating an infographic that visually takes the user through the process and allows them to learn more about each stage by clicking on it. This type of content marketing piece is something you can use on your B2B website, landing pages and even repurpose for videos or print material.

Here’s an example of what we do for a Flex Circuit company.

Stat-Driven Case Studies

Don’t be like all the other tech firms that write long-form (and sometimes boring) case studies. It makes your prospective buyer work too hard and takes up too much of their precious time! If you had to boil down what makes your service, software or product great to just a few measurable points – what would they be and how would you measure up? You can turn this info into statistics driven case studies that give your potential clients the info they need quickly. Remember, content marketing should be educational AND engaging (don’t forget the engaging part!).

Check out these fun, compelling short case studies for MediKeeper, a wellness portal software company.

Industry Reports 

Rather than a traditional white paper or guide, a yearly industry report is an extremely useful B2B content marketing piece for your user groups. This is something that requires more effort in developing, but something your audience can look forward to on a yearly basis. If you put in the effort and present the industry report in an engaging way, you can make your content marketing efforts highly anticipated in the industry, which not only establishes your firm as an authority in the field but makes you the go-to resource for clients and prospects.

Check out what Litmus, an email testing company creates this useful guide every year.

Recap Blogs

Whatever sector your company operates in, innovations can happen pretty quickly. A great way to take part in the tech changes affecting your industry is to write recap blogs. If there is a large conference or industry announcement, have a knowledgeable member of your staff write up the highlights, how it affects your clients/prospects, and what they need to do to adapt/implement. By getting this timely information upon your blog and sharing it with your followers, you can become the go-to resource for your industry.

An Interactive Checklist

At first glance, a checklist doesn’t seem that cool or innovative but think about all the times a checklist has come in handy for your job or personal life. When shopping for software or tech products, there is a heck of a lot of needs, requirements, and moving parts. For example, a prospect looking to purchase new software tool may have a slew of internal stakeholders who need particular functionality from the software. Write up a list of what to ask about software before purchasing to make it easy for prospects. They should be able to download the checklist and refer to it whenever they interview a software vendor. (The best part is your branding will be on the checklist and will be in front of them even as they talk to competitors).

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