Sifting Through a Sea of Website Leads

I am lucky enough to be part of a constantly evolving sales team here at Bop Design. Our Business Principal who has an MBA is always pushing us to think outside the box.  We have over 500 unique visitors to our B2B website daily and I have crafted a system in which I can evaluate and assess which of these visitors may need our B2B website design services.

There are a handful of prerequisites each website visitor must have before I initiate communication with them, as I don’t want to waste their precious time or my time. Here are the steps I take to sort through a sea of website leads to determine whether they are a quality lead and how I handle each potential client.

Start with Low Hanging Fruit

We utilize Lead Forensics for shaking out all the low hanging fruit. Before we started using Lead Forensics, I would spend hours looking through Google Analytics metrics. Now the Lead Forensics software shows exactly who looked at what on our website and for how long. Lead Forensics also provides the physical address and contact number of these businesses. It allows me to set up Trigger Reports which send email notifications as soon as someone of interest returns to our B2B website. That gives me the opportunity to engage with them through LiveChat in real time. The LiveChat feature on our website and the ability to see a potential lead’s behavior on the website helps me determine where website visitors are in the buying cycle and how I can help them.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Being a boutique B2B agency means we are not a good fit for every business visiting our website. We typically build B2B websites for service-based companies, so eCommerce websites are not our target market (eCommerce websites have their own nuances and best practices). Also, our blog posts often reach an audience of other marketing and advertising firms (and we are happy to be a resource for others in the field). Luckily, I’m able to vet out these types of visitors and don’t spend much time on leads that are not aligned with our business model.

Find the Right Contact

As a B2B marketing agency, we prefer to engage with the marketing team to offer services specific to their needs. Once I have identified the company through Lead Forensics, LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for pinpointing who is part of the marketing team. On LinkedIn, I look at the Company’s page and verify they have a marketing team and who is on that team. Next, I use to look up their email addresses and draft a brief, personalized email offering to help with their marketing efforts.

Don’t Ask for A Call Right Away

I never ask for a call in my first email correspondence since that comes off as pushy. Why would they take my call? They don’t know who I am or what I’m selling. Rather, I offer my assistance and expert knowledge of B2B marketing. I can typically tell who needs our B2B website or content marketing services after spending a few minutes looking over their brand’s website.

Don’t Sell, Help Them Shine

Being part of a team that truly wants to see other B2B companies thrive and flourish is rewarding, both personally and professionally. We want to show other B2B companies their ROI and how we capture their essence in a website design. I am constantly updating my approach in my email campaigns to communicate all the ways we can help. For example, if they happen to download one of our Industrial Case Studies or Software Case Studies, I make sure to include helpful links specific to their industry. If they have a responsive, modern website, I send them our content marketing infographic. I am sincere with my approach as I am not selling, I am helping other business shine brighter than their competition.

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