Bop Design Is the Top San Diego Web Design Company!

We at Bop Design are pleased to announce that we have again been recognized for our work in web design. Last week, Clutch, a technology research firm in Washington, DC, released a list of the top web designers in San Diego. We’re happy to say that Bop Design came out on top over a multitude of other companies. With our extensive knowledge in B2B web design and holistic marketing approach, along with our understanding of how to help serious B2B businesses grow, it is to no shock to anyone familiar with Bop Design that we lead the pack.

To further comprehend our ranking, it is important to understand Clutch and their methodology. They gather information on thousands of companies and rank them in comparison to other companies in their industry.  A company is ranked based on its ability to deliver, reviews, experience, and its presence on the market. As shown in the “Leaders Matrix” below, two factors play a large part in ranking the top companies. One of these is a company’s “Focus”. Our skill in web design gives us an advantage over our competitors. The other, “Ability to Deliver”, is also a strength of ours, as we make sure to always stay on schedule and achieve what our client needs.

While a company’s focus and experience are both important factors in ranking a company, the most integral part of Clutch’s methodology is client reviews. Here are samples of some of our satisfied customers and what they had to say: TheVice President of marketing at MediKeeper praised us for the website we created for them, saying:

“ Our lead count has quadrupled since launching the new website. The abandon rate has been decreased, while time spent on the website has increased.”

Another customer, a marketing manager at Evergent Group, chose to emphasize our friendliness and transparency, saying:

“We never felt that we hired a web design company, but rather that we were having some friends do it for us. If we didn’t like something, we could tell Bop Design’s team, and they wouldn’t be offended.”

This highlights our strong expertise in this field, and we look to rise up in the ranks of these lists as we continue to grow as a company while helping more and more B2B businesses grow.

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