B2B Blogging: How a Blog Fits Into Your Web Design Strategy

If you see B2B blogging as a critical component of your firm’s ongoing digital marketing strategy, you should start planning during the website design phase ­– it should not be an afterthought once your website is launched.

In this blog, we take a quick look at how to fit your future B2B blogging strategy into your current web design project.

Plan for Blogging

While blogging may not be on your immediate radar, you need to plan for it now. This doesn’t need a ton of strategizing. Just knowing that you plan on blogging can be helpful for your web design team to know. As the website design and development team designs and builds your website, they can include a blog feature. It doesn’t need to be visible right at launch, but it will available to launch when you are ready to post your first blog.

Get 10 Ideas for Your Next Blog.

Make It Visible

How do you expect prospects who visit your website to find your B2B blog if it isn’t readily available? Don’t de-prioritize it and bury it way down in the tertiary navigation under the information about your company. Make it front and center by including it in a Resources section or even make it part of the top-level navigation.

Don’t assume that a website visitor will hunt around your website looking for a blog. They may not even know they want to look at the blog. By making the blog a clearly visible component of your website design, you will attract more prospects to the blog itself and increase the chances of that prospect bookmarking your blog to return to later.

Think Like Your Reader

The last tip for including your B2B blogging plans into your web design strategy is to think like your potential reader. This can help to influence the layout and components of the blog itself. Ask a few questions to get in the mind frame of your reader:

  • What matters most to your target reader?
  • Will images or videos help to explain your content?
  • Will they prefer long-form or short-form content? Or both?
  • Will they be commenting or asking questions about the content?
  • Is it critical for them to know the date of the publication?
  • Does it matter how visible the author’s information is to the reader?

These are just a few questions to get you thinking about the general design of the blog for your website. For example, if your firm operates in an industry in which the latest data can have a critical impact, you absolutely need to include a date on your blog. Or if you are explaining complex theories or material, you may need to include functionality for including graphs, graphics, or other visual data.

That’s a brief overview of how to include B2B blogging plans into your current website design strategy.

Ready to start blogging, but looking for a B2B agency to help? Contact us today to learn more about our B2B blogging and content marketing plans.


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