How to Keep Your B2B Marketing Project Moving on a Time Crunch

Here are 4 tips on keeping your project moving when you are on a time crunch.

Every project has a deadline. At the start, it seems easy to keep the project moving, but is it really? Unfortunately, even with the best planning, unanticipated challenges and delays arise at every stage of a B2B web design or marketing project. And, in many cases, a delay in one phase of a project impacts the timeline of another phase, like a domino effect.

So, how do you keep your marketing or web design project moving when time is limited? In this blog post, we explore practical strategies to help keep your project moving forward even when faced with time constraints.

Set clear timelines and deadlines

Setting clear timelines and deadlines may seem like an obvious statement but is undoubtedly critical for a successful project. Be sure to clearly define the key milestones and deliverables and communicate them to the team and stakeholders.

This should be the first step after you have established the goals of your B2B marketing or website project. Creating a clear timeline guides you through the phases of the projects and keeps you and your team on track (even if you can’t hit all the deadlines!).

What if the timelines are pushed back and deadlines are missed? Things happen and delays from unforeseen circumstances are common. The purpose of setting a timeline is simply to help you visualize the process and keeps you eye on the deliverables.

Timelines and deadlines are your guide to keep your project moving. They should be strictly followed or else you will fall behind on the schedule for your project.

Set agendas for every call

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys sitting in a meeting for hours that doesn’t seem to have a purpose. Not only is time-consuming, but it is also ineffective.

To set up an effective call regarding your marketing or website project, be sure to provide an agenda for the call. The agenda does not need to be formal and detailed; it can be succinct if it covers all the topics you want to discuss on the call. Providing an agenda prior to the meeting informs all attendees about what will be covered on the call and the objectives of the call.

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Schedule frequent check-ins

One of the important components of keeping your project moving in the right direction is over communication. This includes checking in with all team members and stakeholders frequently. It is also crucial to keep your check-ins short to respect everyone’s time – trust me, they will appreciate it.

Frequent check-ins allow you and your team to keep each other on track and resolve any potential issues with the assigned tasks. It is not uncommon to have a disrupted flow of information and communication between you and your team, but frequent check-ins could help you eliminate miscommunication and keep your web design or marketing project moving.

Keep the pool of contributors small

When it comes to getting feedback from your team, it’s not the more the merrier. The more people involved in the process, the more difficult for the team to reach a consensus on the topic of discussion.

Limiting the number of contributors involved in feedback, meetings, and decision-making processes is the key to avoid unnecessary delays and confusion. Keep the pool of contributors small and restrict the core team to 2 to 3 people who represent their departments or teams. This approach not only allows you and your team to make quicker decisions, but also reduces miscommunications. By keeping the pool of contributors small, you expedite the project’s progress and maintain its momentum.

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