Robin Maylone | Brand and Content Director

Robin is a bona fide content maestro, although she doesn’t go around wielding one of those little conductor sticks. She does, however, wield a passion for the written word and the power it holds in spurring readers to take action. With an extensive background in marketing and communications, Robin shuns “flowery” language and instead demonstrates a penchant for creating clear-cut, action-oriented messages that resonate and motivate.

As brand and content director at Bop Design, Robin guides the content creation process, locking down key messaging and tone that embodies the client’s brand and engages target markets.

HubSpot-certified in inbound marketing, Robin is a firm believer in an audience-centric approach that empowers brands to attract, convert, close and delight customers.

Stricken by wanderlust, Robin has traveled to more than 20 different countries and doesn’t plan to stop there. She adores all animals (even the ugly ones) and eats popcorn for dinner at least twice a week.