Bop Design Answers the Top 10 Business Website Design Questions

Everyday the San Diego website design firm, Bop Design, is asked many of the same questions about business website design. The Bop Design team has compiled a list of the 10 most asked questions about website design and created an answer guide. “We created the guide to equip business decision makers with a powerful resource as they shop around for the best website design firm for their particular needs. By far, the most common question is ‘What does a website cost?'” states Jeremy Durant, Bop Design Business Principal.

The website design and marketing firm addresses this question first. They compare the price of a website to the price of a car – the price is determined on the features a customer wants and what it needs to accomplish. In another answer, Bop Design essentially compiles a shopping guide – listing questions a business decision maker should pose to any website design firm. “The Bop Design team considers ourselves to be a small business advocacy group. Even if a business decides not to hire Bop, we want to empower them with educated questions so they select the right website design and marketing partner,” says Durant.
Some of the questions are more foundational, intended for the website design novice. Others are more technical such as “Why is WordPress an effective content management system?” Click here to access the guide.

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