New Website Launch: Dr Yessis SportLab

DrYessis_WebLaunchDr. Yessis SportLab is focused on developing and optimizing the sports performance of any competitive athlete—from youth to Olympic and professional athletes—using a scientifically based, results-oriented approach. Dr. Yessis provides a mix of hands-on biomechanical training, educational resources and supporting products.

Dr. Yessis came to Bop Design because the existing website failed to communicate his vast experience and premium level service. The company had also developed a unique mixture of educational resources and products for purchase, but the latter wasn’t driving sales. Finally, Dr. Yessis was in need of a website that attracted and educated competitive athletes, parents of athletes, coaches and trainers on their state-of-the-art methodology.

Bop Design created an eye-catching website that illustrated the explosive movements and techniques that Dr. Yessis champions. With a clearer navigation highlighting the variety of offerings—training programs, mentor programs and a la carte needs—visitors can clearly grasp what service best fits their needs. In addition, the website maps out all the sports Dr. Yessis training is capable of enhancing.

Finally, the Dr. Yessis store displays the publications and certified exercise equipment approved by the sport lab for athletes.

To browse the full website, visit