New Website Design: The Perfect Workout

The-Perfect-Workout-WebsiteThe Perfect Workout sets out to do exactly what the company says: build a workout guaranteed to show results in the quickest time possible. Built on slow-motion strength training, The Perfect Workout’s previous website struggled to communicate all the seemingly unbelievable benefits to using the program, such as time efficiency, reduced injuries, lower cost, and better results.

Bop Design utilized the dozens of happy client testimonials to create “social proof” of The Perfect Workout’s successful results. The website also showcases a variety of client circumstances before starting with the Perfect Workout, including weight gain, high cholesterol, age, sport injuries, and depressed mood.

The website navigation was built to address common concerns when experimenting with a new workout regimen, such as trainer experience, body image, and beginner/novice exercisers. The navigation immediately answers skeptical users with “What Is It?” and “Why It Is Perfect?” accompanied with calls to action to start experiencing The Perfect Workout.

Visit to browse the full site and contact Bop Design for a web design assessment today.PerfectWorkoutTestimonial