New Website Design: Arizona Fallen Fire Fighters & Emergency Paramedics Memorial

AZ-Fallen-Fire-Fighters-WebsiteRecognizing and honoring the dedication of fallen statewide firefighters and paramedics is the primary mission of the Arizona Fallen Fire Fighters & Emergency Paramedics Memorial Commission. With the most recent loss of 19 Prescott firefighters, the Commission works to support the families through memorial planning and tuition waivers. Since the state’s first loss in 1902, The Commission is now working toward building a living memorial in remembrance of the more than 90 fallen community figures.

With an already established and proactive tuition scholarship program, Bop Design primarily addressed The Commission’s need to raise support and funding for the construction of a living memorial. The website features photos of the proposed memorial concepts, along with photos of actual Arizona fire fighters, giving visitors a “tangible” example of who they are supporting.

The design sets a tone of respect and gratitude. “Our purpose is not to mourn, but to remember,” visitors are reminded. The emotional importance of a memorial is front and center. The homepage prominently features three calls to action: Sponsorship, Donations, and Tuition Support, making it clear what visitors can do to be part of honoring these fallen heroes.

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