New Website Launch: Brain Parade

Brain ParadeBrain Parade is more than just an education tool, it’s a vibrant community of parents, instructors and institutions passionate about using technology to improve and transform the learning environment for children with autism and special needs. Since the initial launch by Bop Design five years ago, Brain Parade experienced tremendous growth from expanding their products and target audiences, in which the previous website no longer accurately reflected.

During initial discussions, it was imperative that the new Brain Parade website incorporated responsive web design. As an educational technology provider selling a tablet app, not only did responsive design address parents and educators from all devices—it also positioned their brand as an innovative, efficient technology solution.

While Brain Parade’s three main audiences—parents, instructors and education institutions—are diverse in needs, all three have one goal in mind: to improve the learning of children with autism and other special needs. Imagery for the website not only reinforces a happy educational experience, it communicates specific benefits for each audience. Call outs to download the free and paid versions of the app from iTunes are also prominent throughout the site.

Finally, the website serves as an ongoing resource for Brain Parade to provide company updates in the form of a blog and news sections. As a company passionate about the autism community, the website allows them to show their consistent involvement in community events and promotions.

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