The 2020 Quick Guide to B2B Social Media Image Sizes

The beginning of the year is a great time to review and brainstorm on new ways to build on your B2B social media strategy. Nowadays, every generation is using social media—it’s is a daily habit for most of us. It helps us keep up to date, communicate, and can also provide a little escape from the day-to-day.

Below, we discuss what’s new for 2020, as well as tips and tricks to get your social media imagery looking professional, and on point. We’ve included image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help you stay current for 2020.

Tips for the year ahead:

Imagery and video still prevail

Video is the most engaging format across social media channels in 2020. Video tells your brand story quickly, making it easily digestible by consumers. Users are attracted to the movement and stick around to see how your brand story unfolds. Written content takes longer for our brains to process, so while content is important when it comes to first impressions and telling a story quickly, imagery and video are still dominating the world of B2B social media in 2020.

Don’t feel obligated to be on every social media network

What works on one network, might not on another. So, have a game plan for what types of content you’ll share on each platform. Each platform has its own guidelines, different post types and different audiences. Doing this will help you stay true to your brand, and better establish your social media voice and tone.

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Keep it simple

Due to the size and time constraints of social media, imagery, headlines, and copy should all be clear, direct and straight to the point. You have seconds to engage a user. Be thoughtful and concise in your messaging and imagery. Don’t overcrowd images, create bold headlines and say more with less.

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Stick to recommended file and image sizes

Bookmark this page as a handy tool to help you navigate through social media content specifications or download the pdf. With these new references and insights, you are sure to gain followers, increase likes, and encourage others to comment and share.

Click the image below to access your free download sheet of all social media sizes for 2020. All sizes are in pixels. 

B2B Social Media Images Guide

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