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Brochure Design

Brochure Design

Brochure Design Services for Optimal B2B Branding

Every B2B firm needs at least one effective capabilities brochure that can be multi-purposed for trade shows, conferences, sales meetings, direct mail outreach, etc. A brochure serves as a valuable “leave behind,” helping your firm remain in a customer’s mind long after meeting you, and then helping a buyer persuade their circle of influence. With brochure design, Bop Design will help identify all objectives and design a brochure that can used for all possible marketing and sales channels.

Impressing your audience

The brochure design and brand messaging is the most direct way to communicate your firm’s unique value proposition. You have limited space to showcase your firm and the most important information needs to be highlighted. At Bop Design, we discuss the overall objective of the brochure, and then create content and design that resonates with your target market. For many B2B firms, just having a professional brochure for a meeting will differentiate you from your competition.

Strong case of credibility

Clients can be judgmental. You don’t want a prospective customer thinking, “They don’t seem established—they don’t even have a brochure.” Many traditional-minded clients still want something tangible—a brochure satisfies this need. Bop Design develops content specifically for print mediums that is compelling to read and compliments your other branded materials.