Rachel Cunningham | Content Marketing Director

A native of Orange County, Rachel has immersed herself in the written word and has a special passion for 19th Century British Literature and the writing of Charles Dickens. She earned a BS in Management from Boston College and holds a Master of Arts in English from CSU, Long Beach. Today, she is obsessed with creating written content to inform, educate, connect, and persuade in the online world. She has written everything from eBooks, to White Papers, to Blogs, to Articles, to Infographics to Style Guides. Her special interests are SEO, social media, and the online user experience.

Outside of writing, reading, editing, and communicating online, Rachel spends her time quilting, cycling, baking, and sharing the latest cat memes with her husband. She enjoys her taxidermy chipmunk in cowgirl costume, cooking and eating vegetarian food, and all types of movies. When not at work, she is often out walking in her neighborhood to check out the newest restaurant.