Jeremy Durant


At Bop Design, Jeremy Durant builds relationships with businesses in need of a marketing and branding strategy, helping them to develop their unique value proposition and ideal customer profile.

Prior to joining Bop Design, Jeremy spent 10+ years developing tailored solutions for Fortune 500 companies in the wireless, biotech, electronics and food and beverage industries. His range of experience is so diverse that Merriam-Webster is considering adding the phrase “Jeremy of all trades” to its dictionary.

Jeremy spent two years at Millennium Creative Group, assisting companies with their broadcast and new media strategies. He also spent seven years working with UC San Diego to develop internal workforce development programs for organizations. Jeremy received his BA from Merrimack College and his MBA from California State University, San Marcos.

Awards & Community Involvement

  • 2016 Presenter on Building a Digital Identity at UC San Diego Extension Instructor Conference
  • 2016 Speaker on a Career in Digital Marketing at UC San Diego Rady School of Business, Future Business Leaders of America
  • 2015 Presenter on Maximizing the Value of Your Website at California Parks & Recreation Society
  • 2015 Presenter on Website Conversions at Cal State Fullerton American Marketing Association
  • 2013 Presenter at the American Marketing Association San Diego Art of Marketing conference
  • 2013 – 2009 Professor of Sales and Marketing at John Paul the Great Catholic University
  • 2013 Lions Club Speaker
  • 2013 ProVisors Speaker
  • 2013 Speaker at Legal Secretaries, Inc. annual conference
  • 2012 Vistage Speaker
  • 2012 San Diego Chamber of Commerce Speaker
  • 2012 UCSD Rady School Speaker
  • 2011 member of San Diego chapter of Room to Read

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